Lisa Dahl

Lisa Dahl
Executive Chef & Owner of Dahl Restaurant Group

Dahl Restaurant Group

Chef Lisa Dahl is one of the country’s leading female chefs and restaurateurs who has pioneered the culinary scene in Sedona, Ariz. for the past 20 years. Dahl is the executive chef and owner of four outstanding restaurants in Northern Arizona’s red rock country where she has earned international acclaim for Dahl & Di Luca Ristorante Italiano, Cucina Rustica, Pisa Lisa and her newest, most buzzed-about addition, Mariposa Latin Inspired Grill.

After shedding her life in the Bay Area and a career in the fashion industry following the loss of her son Justin, Dahl sought healing and moved to Sedona, a town famous for its spiritual energy and restorative powers. Once settled, she unearthed her long-held passion for cooking, one that she and Justin shared. Honoring Justin’s memory is part of each of her restaurants.

A James Beard House-featured chef, Dahl is widely credited for Sedona’s emergence as a national “foodie destination.” As a self-taught chef, Dahl was the first to introduce fine dining to Sedona in the late ‘90s with the opening of Dahl & Di Luca and has since expanded to become the largest restaurant group in the area with accolades spanning the culinary spectrum.

Dahl’s cooking style is diverse and includes high-end traditional Italian, rustic Mediterranean, South American-inspired and wood-fired pizza, considered among the best in Arizona. She’s also a grill master and just won Arizona’s “2018 Burger Battle” giving her the opportunity to advance to the World Food Championships.

Chef Dahl and her restaurants have been featured on The Food Network, Travel + Leisure, USA Today, The New York Times, Wine Spectator, Travel Channel, Huffington Post, and Marie Claire, to name a few.

Executive Chef and Restaurateur, Lisa Dahl was nominated for the 2018 Foodist Awards for “Top Chef.” Paying tribute to outstanding culinary excellence, the “Top Chef” category features only three chefs in Arizona who have broken new ground with an innovative menu while enhancing the dining experience.

Today, Dahl Restaurant Group welcomes nearly 400,000 guests annually across all four restaurants and employs close to 250 people, many of whom have been with the company for over 15 years. Each of Dahl’s restaurants continue to garner prestigious recognition and accolades. Twelve consecutive years of Wine Spectator awards decorate the walls of Cucina Rustica and Dahl and Di Luca.

Food Philosophy

Chef Dahl lives by her mantra, “when you cook with love, you feed the soul.” She believes that flavors should never be overworked, food should speak for itself and only the finest ingredients should be used from the best sources available.
Dahl prides herself on her relationship with local and regional organic growers, selecting the highest quality specialty purveyors of meats and seafood. Chef Dahl is hands-on when it comes to attention to detail in choosing the resources for her guest’s dishes, which focus almost entirely on organic produce, health-conscious ingredients and meats raised without antibiotics, hormones or GMOs and sustainably-harvested seafood.

A love of comfort food, bold flavors and Old-World methodology are the essence of Chef Dahl’s cooking, as are her secret “elixirs” used within many of her ethnic dishes. Her signature Latin-inspired chimichurri sauce, made from herbs grown on the property of Mariposa, combine local sourcing and bold flavors. Perfecting the balance of her ‘mother sauce’ has become the foundation of her unique Italian dishes, as well as the pizzas at her award-winning Pisa Lisa.

A health nut at heart who lives by the credo “we are what we eat,” Dahl is a self-taught chef that became enthralled with vegetarian cooking as a teenager. That experience continues to inspire many of her most popular dishes that feature vegetables as the star.

Passion Projects

A current passion project for Dahl is “Project Soup Hope”, a philanthropic initiative to raise money for those affected by the natural disaster in Puerto Rico. In just six months, Dahl Restaurant Group has raised $29,000 for José Andrés’ World Central Kitchen in Puerto Rico, which supports the many who are still living with the hurricane aftermath.

Along with being a chef and restaurateur, Dahl is a best-selling cookbook author with The Elixir of Life in circulation worldwide and a new book in the works. She is also an interior designer and single-handedly designed the décor within each of her restaurants.
In 2018 and beyond, Dahl has significant growth plans to expand her restaurant portfolio.

For additional information, including media interviews, photos and more please visit Chef Dahl’s press kit online.